Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Danny Williams trying to destroy Canada

As far as I can tell, Danny Williams is a bully that is interested in seeing an end to Canada as a nation. I am disappointed Michael Ignatieff has caved to him and allowed the Liberals from Newfoundland to vote against the budget.

Why should Canadians in the rest of the country be expected to pay EXTRA money to Newfoundland? Why is Danny Williams unwilling to contribute to confederation? Does not understand how fundamentally unfair the 1985 deal is to Canada?

I have read about the details of this back and forth and can not find a rational reason why anyone would back Danny Williams in this fantasy of his. The changes the federal government is making are nothing shocking and completely within their mandate to do. They are still paying every penny Newfoundland is entitled to from the 1985 Atlantic Accord.

Having an economic illiterate loud mouth that twists the facts as a premier of any province in Canada hurts national unity and hurts us internationally. This dispute with the feds only compounds the stupidity of the AbitbiBowater move by the Newfoundland government.

Is really the lot of Alberta and BC to shut up and pay for the whiners in the rest of the country forever?

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NL-ExPatriate said...

You've got it all wrong canada is already systemically flawed politically.

The Canadian confederation is a sham. It is nothing more than. Tyranny of the majority, Per Capita Colonialism, Democratic Discrimination by all of the national proxy parties of the majority ON/QU against the minority, Reverse robin hood. Steal from the poor minority and give to the vote rich majority. And those are the nice terms. Don't give us your crap about feed us please on a per capita basis NL'ians have contributed four times as much as the next nearest province.