Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What is Ignatieff doing?

I am trying to understand what Ignatieff is doing in letting the Newfoundland Liberals vote against the budget. What about the BC Liberals? BC is getting screwed in the budget for having done well. I would include Alberta in this, but there are no Liberals from Alberta.

Adam Radwanski beat me to the punch on this with his column at the Globe.

How does Ignatieff deal with future demands to split ranks? Only praising him this morning to Sean Holman over coffee has being the leader the Liberals need while in opposition. I enjoyed Terry Glavin's column defending Iggy. I was warming up to him, but now I can not think how he can go into the caucus and not be fighting fires all day and night.

I could understand it if there was some substance to the issue, but there is none at all.

Frankly, he could have hung all of the Liberal MPs from Newfoundland out to dry and gained a lot more seats in the west and Ontario, but his actions have put every seat west of Ontario and outside of the 416 areacode into dangerous territory. Ignatieff needs several years for people forget that he allowed several of his MPs to try and pick the pockets of the rest of the nation.
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