Wednesday, February 4, 2009

One Sided Respones to Israel

I have noticed in the media and on many blogs out there that there is clearly a one-sided thing going on in the world vis a vis Israel and Palestine. There have been numerous demonstrations and rants about the evils of Israel and demonizing the country. Israel in specific and Jews in particular have been the brunt of huge amounts of hate. What you there is not out there is any equivalent in relation to the Palestinians or even Hamas.

There has been nothing coming from the people that support Israel that is trying to incite hatred towards Palestinians or even Hamas. The neutral people or the pro Israel people are avoiding trying to inflame things with wild orgies of hatred towards Palestinians. And this is in the context of Hamas who follow a fascist ideology.

How can people on the left buy into hatred of the most oppressed people the world has seen and a hatred of the only functioning democracy in the Middle East?
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