Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Greens get a DRBC founder

I find the machinations of the fringe parties and the people drawn to them interesting to watch. The combination of passion and drive is wonderful to see though they are almost all without a real sense of the political reality of elections in BC. One guy that has the passion and energy is Matthew Laird.

Matthew Laird, the young guy that was in my opinion the energy behind Democratic Reform BC has chosen to be Green candidate in this election. He formed his own party before the 2005 election called the Moderate Democratic Movement which eventually was one of the pieces that became DRBC. He was party president and organizer and ran in Burnaby North for them in 2005.

Many of the DRBC policies that actually were released after Tom Morino resigned as leader were written by him

He ran for New Westminster city council in the fall and came 14th out of 16 candidates. He almost doubled his vote total from 2005.

I think the BC Greens will make a good home for him and I am certain he will give the Greens a bigger presence in the election in New Westminster than otherwise.
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