Thursday, April 30, 2009

All the campaigns are pathetic

CFAX is doing a poll online at the moment, which party would you vote for. They have been running this since 9am this morning.

It is now 4:25pm and only 759 people have voted. The Liberals have a small lead over the NDP, given that this is Victoria, this should be the other way around.

Is there really no war rooms out there for the Liberals, NDP or Greens that can muster up supporters to stuff an online poll? No smart backroom person lets any chance for an online poll pass without trying to organize their side.

What this says to me is that none of the political parties have a lot of volunteers one the ground. I have sensed that anecdotally and this poll is only more example of how weak the campaigns are.

If I were running a campaign in this election, I would make sure that I had 500 volunteers. If you can not get the candidate and the campaign manager to push every contact they have to work on a campaign, you have a problem.

The 500 number is not that high at all, last election I personally mobilized about 300 friends and relatives to work on the Yes to BC STV campaign. If you can not find the volunteers, that is a strong indication that there is something fundamentally wrong with your campaign.

I am in more and more awe at how much better retaile political campaigning is done in the US, there is a lot we could learn from them for on the ground campaigns.
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