Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Debate

I did not manage to watch it live, I was on my way back from camping with the Scouts on the weekend and had a dinner to go to. I suspect a lot fewer people watched the debate this time around given the time it was on.

Who won? Carole James narrowly, but that is mainly because Campbell did not shine and Sterk did not manage to break through.

Will it matter to the election? I do not see the debate as having a lot of impact on the election. There is nothing memorable from the debate. The media coverage of the debate has been limited to Monday, a light day for media. There are no clips floating out there. It was a non-event.

The polling on the debate does not indicate there is enough of a result there to give the NDP any real bounce.

The only real outcome of the debate is to show that Carole James is better and more competent than the story that has been built around her as being incapable of being a leader.

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