Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Women Elected on May 12th

A total of 22 women were elected on Tuesday, just short of 26% of the legislature. In 2005 that was 17 women out of 79 MLAs - 21.5%. 2001 saw 19 women elected, 17 Liberals and 2 New Democrats, 24% of the total.

The NDP was pilloried for their affirmative action process for women getting nominations, but the party had to do something after only electing seven women in 2005, 21% of the caucus. This time they elected 11 women as part of a 36 member caucus, or close to 31% of the total.

In 2005 the Liberals elected 10 women as MLAs, about 22% of the 2005 caucus. The Liberals elected 11 women out of 49 MLAs elected in this election - 22% of the caucus.

The two recounts, Delta South and Carbiboo Chilcotin, will change the gender balance in the legislature if the results change.

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