Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tourism BC

I am glad the BC government has decided to ax Tourism BC. I have never liked the fact that there was a government ministry dealing with tourism and then a government sponsored industry group as well and then a federal tourism agency as well. The tourism industry needs to get off of the government tit and figure out how to pay for its own promotion most of the time.

I do not like how much subsidy the tourism business is always looking for from government. The industry should be able to stand on its own as most other industries are expected to do.

It is not the government's job to sell any businesses products.


Anonymous said...

you sir, clearly have no idea what you are talking about. what subsidy does the tourism industry in bc get? What gov't tit? TBC is funding via a portion of the 2% hotel tax. A tax you as a resident probably rarely pay, and an underfunded portion at that. Now its under the Ministry and with the HST - where's the money coming from now? ONLY now will it be on your gov't tit.

Or are you one of those old men who sits on his rocking chair complaining about all "them for'ners".

how do you propose we get the world out about BC into the international marketplace? How can a private sector company compete with the massive budget of an Australia, Dubai or even Las Vegas. And yes - all those jurisdictions are government funded as well.

do you honestly believe that a constantly rotating Ministry knows how to effectively market to Consumers and Travel Trade internationlly?

you clearly don't know anyone involved in BC's #2 industry and BC's #1 employer or else you wouldn't be so cavalier about talking out your ass. Tourism is the second largest industry in B.C., contributing
$13.8 billion annually to the B.C. economy, and directly employing over 120,000 workers.

were do you think that goes if there is no one responsible for the Sales & Marketing of BC. When is the last time a Ministry contributed anything positive? Tourism BC was arms length for a reason - to maintain a marketing message focus that wouldn't be subjected to the whims of politicians.

even with a blog - you should do some basic research.

Anonymous said...

Read this dumbass

teebird150 said...

"Tourism B.C. is funded by revenue from the Hotel Room Tax, which will be phased out as the HST is brought in next year. This performance-based funding, which is established by law, has been touted as one of the reasons for Tourism B.C.’s success.

The tourism industry will still be paying taxes through the ill-conceived HST,” said Herbert. “But there is no longer any assurance that money will be used to market British Columbia to the world".