Friday, January 29, 2010

Local Government Elections Task Force

The Local Government Elections Task Force has a website up and is looking for input from the public.

The core issues they are looking for input on are:
  • Campaign finance, including contribution/spending disclosure and limits, and tax credits
  • Enforcement processes and outcomes
  • Role of the chief electoral officer (B.C.) in local government elections
  • Election cycle (term of office)
  • Corporate vote
The members of the task force are:
  • Harry Nyce, Nisga'a - President of UBCM (co-chair)
  • Bill Bennett, Minister of Community and Rural Development (co-chair)
  • Barbara Steele, Councillor City of Surrey and First Vice-President of UBCM
  • Mary Sjostrom, Mayor of Quesnel and Third Vice-President of UBCM
  • Donna Barnett, MLA, Cariboo-Chilcotin
  • Douglas Horne, MLA, Coquitlam-Burke Mountain

They will be taking written submissions until April 15th at

The task force will be making recommendations to the Province and the Union of BC Municipalities by May 30th.

I will be writing a detailed submission including the need for the task force to look at how we elect our local councilors, the committee members can add other areas to make recommendations on.


Antony Hodgson said...

Fair Voting BC invites anyone interested in working for voting reform at the civic level to join our working group at

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Glad to see you are going to make a submission to the task force. I am collecting as many submissions as possible and posting them to my website at At the end of the reporting I will summarize and post a summary. It would be great if you could send me your submission and tell others as well. Thanks so much. Kennedy Stewart

Bernard said...

I will try to get it to you once I am done with it. I suspect I will have it done the week after the Olympic Games - I am not sure I will get much work done till the games are over.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...


Fair Voting BC and Think City are gathering citizen input here to submit to the task force.

The deadline is March 1.

Neil Monckton,
Think City Chair