Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thank God the HST is coming

The hysteria about the HST is BC is getting crazy, here are some basic facts:

The BC forest and film industries will both be more competitive. The roughly 3-4% gain in the forest industry will hasten the return of many mills into production.

Most costs for most families will be lower than now. Your basics of life will not have HST on them. Clothes for adults will be 3-5% cheaper than now. If you buy a canoe, it should be about 5% cheaper.

There will be a significant savings in the costs to collect the tax.

Business that had to collect PST will be saving a lot of time not having to fill out the paper work to collect it.

Yes, restaurant meals will be 3-5% more expensive than now.

Yes, the self employed, and this includes me, will have to pay more. It will cost you more for consultants, lawyers, complimentary health practitioners and trades people.

Buying dishes will be cheaper as will gardening supplies, shoes, light-bulbs, furnaces, couches, and almost every other physical goods that you buy.

The people in BC that will be worse off with the HST are those that can afford to hire a lot of self employed people and go out to dinner a lot. Does that sound like you?
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