Monday, September 20, 2010

Banning bottled water

There is an idea out there that is crazy, the idea of banning bottled water in vending machines on municipal and school properties.   Right now I am listening to Saanich Councilor Paul Gerrard speaking about the issue on CFAX AM 1070 about the issue, and he is making some sense, he is addressing some of the issues I have the whole campaign.  Though he has no raised the dreaded CRD, an accountable level of government that keeps sucking in more authority without anyone elected by the public to sit on the board.

The removal of water from vending machines means there is more space of sugary drinks - even the juice is very high   People are looking for something to drink and they will buy something else if they can not get water.  The argument I hear is that the public can use the public fountains.  Sure, that is possible, but a lot of people like the convenience of being able take the bottle and go about your business.

When it comes to impact on the environment, a bottle of pop has a much higher impact than a bottle of water, but the campaign is about banning the drink that has the least impact.  It is also the healthiest drink in a vending machine.  It seems bizarre to be campaigning to remove the healthiest choice from Rec Centre vending machines.

Should the campaign not be one to ban vending machines?   Make people walk to a store to by their drinks.   Do that in Rec Centres and schools and people will drink from the water fountains.  But if you do this they lose a revenue stream.

So the impact of the this campaign will be to boost the sale of unhealthy drinks that have a higher environmental impact than bottled water.   The unintended consequences from this campaign are huge and clear.   The campaign has to stop.
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