Monday, October 18, 2010

Dave Basi plead guilty?

I am very surprised that this happened now.   It was almost seven years ago when the raid happened.   I rented a house from Dave for more than three years from 2004 to 2007 and saw Dave at least monthly during this time.   Dave professed his innocence and told me of his plans to sue once he was acquitted.  He said it was his instructions to his lawyer to make the sure the case did not get dismissed so he would have his day in court and be vindicated.

So what happened?

He has plead guilty which means he is admitting he did what he was accused of - even though he is admitting it, is just seems odd to me.   What I could see of the Crown's case did not strike me as what I would have of Dave.   What I mean by this is that I know Dave is smart enough and has enough ambition that something this small and petty seems out of character to of the Dave Basi I know.  Why risk his quickly rising star as a backroom party guy on so little?

Was the deal they reached on the reduced charges enough to make it worth it?
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