Monday, October 4, 2010

Is the Right Wing in BC truly that stupid?

We all have seen the rise of the BC Conservative party, and there are still people keeping the flames of BC Refederation, Social Credit and Reform BC alive, but it seems this is not enough parties on the right.  Sal Vetro of the Anti-Hst campaign has started BC First and now to top that all off, there is the BC Heritage party and the return of Wilf Hanni.

If we discount Reform BC and Social Credit, we are still talking about four parties to the right of the BC Liberals  .  There simply are not enough people willing to run for parties, or volunteer, or donate, or simply care about them at all.

We live in the first past the post electoral system, to succeed in this system you need to be looking at a big tent, not a row of pup tents.  It is not even that they would take votes from each other, they will simply ensure no one pays any attention to any of the parties.

There is a solid 30-35% of the people in BC that are conservatives.   There is a lot of space for a right wing party in BC, there is just not space for a host of tiny splinter parties with no organization.

If the right wing is to have any chance of a break through in the next election they need to have one party and be clear which party it is.  This has to happen soon, ideally before Christmas and certainly no latter than spring 2011.

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