Friday, October 8, 2010

Lekstrom v Simpson, two different ways to leave caucus

It is inevitable there would be comparisons between Blair Lekstrom and Bob Simpson because they are both independents now.

Lekstrom quit caucus
Simpson was expelled from caucus

Lekstrom left late on Friday leaving the weekend for media furor to die down - he planned his leaving to lessen the impact on the Liberals
Simpson was expelled at 9:15 pm on a Wednesdag giving two full days of media frenzy - Carole James planned his removal to ensure maximum media for the story

Lekstrom has virtually no allies, not even his riding association
Simpson has had no shortage of people coming in his support and he has his riding association

Lekstrom won his riding because was a Liberal
The NDP won Cariboo North because of Bob Simpson

Campbell did not create anger in Blair Lekstrom by attacking him
James has made an enemy out of Simpson for her irrational and overblown actions and push now to rubbish who he is

In the end, Blair Lekstrom was minimal damage for the government because of how the story played out.   Bob Simpson on the other hand looks like he will go down in BC history as the start of the process to remove Carole James as leader.

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