Friday, October 8, 2010

So does the NDP support a Carbon Tax?

In an effort to be better informed of where the NDP is at I was looking around the party website and found one place that seemed be a policy direction for the party  - 

Guess what I found on that site?   The following text:

apply carbon pricing to motivate the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by ensuring that prices of fossil fuels reflect the environmental and social costs of their production and use, while building in “just transition” measures to minimize impacts on low-income households; and 

OK, how is that not a carbon tax?   This is not carbon trading, but specifically adding to the price of fossil fuels, a tax.  Note it even calls for the sort of benefits the current government offers to the low income for the impact of the carbon tax.

Honestly I think someone forgot the document is even out there as one of the links from the site, , seems not to be working any longer.  As of 4:11 pm PST on October 8th 2010 according to Whois, the address is available
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