Monday, October 4, 2010

Some polling changes

What has happened lately is drop in the NDP support nationally.  

Ekos Sept 28 - NDP 13.5%
Ipsos Sept 23 - NDP 12%
Ekos Sept 21 - NDP 14.6%
Harris Decima Sept 19 - NDP 14%

Only Angus Reid has the NDP doing better at 18%, though in their poll the Liberals are significantly down.

Nothing in the polling indicates there is any danger for either the Conservatives or Liberals to achieve a majority.   The Conservatives seem to be running about three points below there result in 2008.   Given their huge financial advantage and their lead among the people most likely to vote, I would expect the Conservatives to get just about the same vote as last time around.

I will write more in detail later, must run to buy chicken feed
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