Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Wingnuts are in Control

The new right wing party, BC First, issued a press release today about Campbell's attendance at the Bilderberger meeting.   The Bilderberger meetings have become a the conspiracy theorists wet dream over the last ten to twenty years.

They are asserting that the Premier was in conflict because he attended the meetings and the costs were paid for by the hosts and not the BC government, even though the BC government did pay his expenses to go.   That this is some sort of personal benefit to him is what they seem to be claiming and therefore he is in a conflict of interest but at the same time upset the province paid for his trip.  

It is only by having no understanding of the law or of role of the Premier at the meeting that they can even make these sort of an assertions.    Chris Delaney may have thought to consult a lawyer before issuing this press release, but whatever, they have their right to issue badly thought out press releases without any credible reasons.  I am more concerned about the fact they chose the Bilderberger meeting as the issue.  It speaks to a state of mind.

The Bilderberger group is the source of conspiracy ideas of the left and the right.  It is claimed they are bringing a single world government, creating the New World Order, planned the current recession,and a huge amount of more crazy ideas.    The people that comb through Bilderberg are often the same people that claim 9/11 was done by the US government and other fantasy ideas.  Fidel Castro and Lyndon LaRouche are the sort of people seeing a conspiracy among the Bilderbergers.

People that want to believe conspiracy theories concern me.   The have a right to have their opinions no matter how dumb they are, but they have to kept away from anything close to power in any place in the world.   The state of mind you need to have to believe that there is a Bilderberg conspiracy is one that leads to blind zealotry.   To be able to see a conspiracy where there is none means the basic ability to listen, take in information and process it is missing.

BC First is now completely and totally irrelevant in BC because they will never be able to escape the fact they are sending out press releases that sound like the come from conspiracy theorists.  To assert some sort of wrong doing by the Premier and doing so in relation to the Bilderberg meeting is not the work of an informed and rational person.

This is all good for the BC Conservatives as they need the wing nut right wing parties and people to go away.
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