Monday, November 22, 2010

Liberal Leadership Race Opens

The first person to enter the race is Moira Stilwell.  I have to say she was not anywhere on my list as someone that was going to enter the race.

I know very little about her and have no opinion about her skills as a politician.

I will say that for someone that announced a run for the leadership, I am surprised there is no website and no sense of who her team is or any endorsements.   She is missing everything that would make me take her run for the leadership seriously.   It would not be hard to have all of this in place for announcement.

I assume she knows she has no chance of winning and is only running to raise issues of concern to her, if that is her goal, I can not see what they are.

Most of what I have been able to find about her is from this one Vaughn Palmer blog post at the Sun.


C.O'Connor said...

And who was Kim Campbell before she entered the leadership race for the Socreds in 1986? Less than 7 years later she was Canada's first woman Prime Minister-albeit for a mere 132 days. People have a variety of motivations for throwing their hats into a Provincial leadership race :)

Bernard said...

This is true, but Kim Campbell was younger when she made the run in 1986 and the '86 Socred leadership race was a bit of a mess, not NDP 2003 scale, but certainly not great.

That said, yes she is likely doing this to build her political profile. Corky Evans did that in 1996.