Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Prediction

Carole James is going to be yesterday's news by next week and will cease to have any influence within the NDP at about the same time.

I also predict that the NDP will comfortably build up the party in the leadership race and unite around the new leader.   There is no potential winner in the race that will not be able to unite the caucus and the party.

The new leader will be one of John Horgan, Adrian Dix, Mike Farnworth or Rob Fleming.   I know that this is an obvious list, but I am trying to be accurate as I have an offer to the public on the bottom of the page.

I predict the NDP will become a much more effective opposition with the new leader - all the front runners know what needs to be done to hold the government to task.

Finally, I predict the NDP will win the next election with a majority and will see an increase in votes for the party.  It is not the election result I would like to see, but I am realistic and short of a dramatic change to the political landscape I do not see the Liberals winning a fourth term.

I make no predictions on how well the NDP may govern should they win.

I happy to have anyone out there wanting to hold me to these predictions.   If I am wrong on any of them, beer is on my at my home in late May 2013.   If I am wrong on all of them, I will host a full BBQ at my home.
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