Saturday, December 4, 2010

The NDP Amazes Me

I know there are a lot of very experienced people within the NDP that know what is takes to win an election. I also know they have much better data than I do about how unpopular Carole James is as leader among the public and that this is not something new but an ongoing problem the party has had with her as leader. Knowing all that, you would have thought a group of weighty and seasoned New Democrats would have taken Carole James out right after the last election and explained to her that she needed to quit.

Enough people are also around to know what made the Harcourt government a success and that those factors are missing.   Why are there not more people pushing for the party to have a clear set of goals when in government?   Where are the people setting out the agenda for what an NDP government would do?

For the last six and half years the NDP opposition in Victoria has been going through the motions but doing without an imagination or passion.    What I find most astonishing is that now we suddenly see a passionate NDP core coming to the defense of the leader.   I see a media campaign going that has not been there to deal with crucial issues for the last five and half years, I see campaign tactics and strategies in use to protect Carole James as leader that were not around in the last election.

My sense the NDP has been bland and boring as an opposition because Carole James has decreed the party should not stand up for any issue too loudly because it might offend someone.   It is as if she wants to coast into being premier without having to do the work of being a real government in waiting.

I have looking around the various sites on the internet to get a sense of how many people are actually actively and passionately working to keep Carole James, the number is much smaller than I would have thought.      My current guess is that there are only 300 to 500 people in this province working hard to keep Carole James as leader - this is based on the NDP site, Facebook, various chat boards, MLAs, staff, provincial council members etc....   I would go into the exact details of the numbers, but that would mean sharing some information I should have not seen from the provincial council.
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