Monday, January 31, 2011

Recall and the Liberal Leadership Race

The recall campaigns we have at the moment that are happening or seem to be likely to occur are against:

  • Ida Chong
  • Murray Coell
  • Don McRae
  • Terry Lake
  • Eric Foster

One interesting factoid, four of these MLAs are backing George Abbott.  Ida Chong is staying neutral till the end of the recall campaign.

So why are supporters of George Abbott being targeted?  There are 47 members of the BC Liberal caucus and 16 caucus members backing Abbott, about one in three of the total caucus.  Interestingly four of the five in the recall cross-hairs are backing the MLA for Shuswap.   If it were random, it should be one or two.  

What does this mean?   I have no idea, just a very interesting correlation.
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