Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Recall limping to a quiet death

Vaughn Palmer has a column about the state of the recall campaigns and the information is not positive for them.

The Kamloops North Thompson recall campaign has only in the range of 1500 signatures after a two weeks.   In the first week they managed 1100 signatures.  Based on this number and how the campaign is likely to go, I suspect they will be hard pressed to reach 5000 total signatures.   There 7,768 verified signatures in the anti-HST petition, it seems unlikely they will be able to reach the anti-HST petition numbers.  The campaign is also still short on canvassers, only 86 as of this morning.

The Kamloops Daily News had an online poll from January 31st to February 7th asking if people thought recall was dying, 64.3% said yes.

The news out of Comox Valley does not seem to be much better at all.  They are still only at 124 canvassers - an increase of 9 in the last week and 14 in the last 20 days.   There is a complete and total silence around the campaign.

The anti-HST petition in part succeeded because success built on success, it was a populist uprising against the government that lead to the premier resigning.  The recall campaigns are looking more and more like cranky zealots than any sort of grass roots movement.
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