Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Recall, the slow decline

After the failure of Oak Bay Gordon Head, the recall campaigns have gone quiet.    They are not putting out press releases or getting much earned media.   It is hard to know how well they are doing and there is no sense of any gathering steam

I found a bit of information from the Comox Valley recall from the Comox Valley Echo. The recall campaign is not going to release figures on recall because they saw in the case of Oak Bay Gordon Head it meant people could figure out if they were doing well or not.   Ultimately this is a huge error because it kills all the media interest and therefore cuts of the general public from the campaign.   If there were more than enough signatures coming in, the campaigns would be putting out the numbers to show that they were going to succeed

The Echo article states that they managed to 500 signatures in the first two days.   This is really not good.   Based on that low a response, I suspect they will be hard pressed to get the same number of signatures as Oak Bay Gordon Head.  When there seems to be no real chance of success it will only be the die hards that will take part.

They campaign has been on for for two and half weeks and they still only have 110 canvassers.   It seems not only are they not collecting a lot of signatures, they can not attract many canvassers.   There is no band wagon and this means the people are not coming out to help.

Meanwhile over in Kamloops the recall against Terry Lake does not look like it was ready to roll when it started.   They are scrambling to find canvassers and even the organizer is admitting they are not getting the signatures they hoped for.  As of this morning they still only have 56 canvassers, this is very far short of what is the minimum needed to achieve success even if there are large numbers of people wanting to sign the recall petition.  Once again, low numbers of canvassers speaks to no strong interest in recall.  The Recall Kamloops website has nothing new on it or any sense of an active campaign.

Over at the BC Recalls Society website, things look quiet.   They are also not accurately updating the site.   This says to me there is a sense of a loss of energy and drive by the people behind it all.   Though I note that the site does show there will be a recall started in Cariboo Chilcotin towards the end of the month.   Over on Facebook they also have almost no buzz going on.

The Recall Murray Coell campaign has had their website suspended.  Their Facebook page has little action and few members.

I can not find any online presence for the Cariboo Chilcotin or Vernon Monashee recall campaigns even though they are supposed to start in the next month.  This does not seem to indicate either one of them will be better the ones currently underway.
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