Monday, February 28, 2011

Time for us to get one of the Royal as GG

I would like to see us move away from political type appointments for the Governor General and offer the position long term to one of the younger members of the royal family.   If we are going to have a representative of the Queen, why not make it someone closer to her and someone on a more permanent basis?

I am thinking maybe we offer it to the Duke of York for ten years with his oldest daughter Beatrice the role as Governor General in waiting with the intention she would take over at age 30 something.   If we are going to be a monarchy, lets make it little more real.   Let us build our own royal celebrities for the US media, it would boost the tourism if we had a real royal sitting in Rideau Hall, for whatever reason the Americans are more gaga about the royals than the Canadians or Brits.

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