Sunday, March 13, 2011

Federal Politics - boy am I bitter these days

I ran into a friend at the local library and he is a stalwart member of the Conservatives and was asking if I would help in the neighbouring riding to help Troy De Sousa get elected.   As we were talking I was getting agitated.    I had not realized at how much I hate all the federal political parties - I mean really hate them all.

At this point in Canada no institution is doing more to harm our democracy than political parties.   I am at the point where I believe that the federal political parties are actively working to reduce the democracy of the nation.  After the horror that was the Chretien government, I had hopes for Harper, but those hopes are faded.   The BQ is only in Ottawa to screw up the nation enough to make a referendum pass in Quebec, they are a federally funded force designed to stop good governance.   And the NDP - they are the least open federal party out there.

I want to see every barrier put in their way to make their world a harder place.   I want to see them not get a penny of government support directly or indirectly.    No campaign money back, no per vote subsidy and no tax credits.

I would also like to see a complete and total ban on national campaign expenses.   This an election of 308 MPs, not an election for the political parties.   No leader's tour unless it is out of their own election campaign budget.

I would love to see the political parties be too broke to run advertising.   I want to see them have to hold bottle drives to pay for leaflets.

A pox on all their houses.

If someone promises to get rid of at least of the party subsidies, they will have my vote.    That is my Rubicon.   If no one offers to quit giving tax dollars to the parties, I have no idea what I will do in the election.

There is one other way I would vote for a party - anyone that promises all MPs will represent the same number of people +-10%.  
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