Monday, May 9, 2011

The MPs that had the most and the least votes in the election

In the recent federal election, 11 of the 308 MPs that were elected managed to get more than 40,000 votes, all 11 of them Conservatives.   The 2011 MP that pulled in the most votes was Jason Kenney.   Four of the ridings are in Ontario, seven of them are in Alberta.
  1. 48,173 Jason Kenney Calgary Southeast
  2. 46,241 Paul Calandra Oak Ridge Markham
  3. 44,214 Lisa Raitt Halton
  4. 44,115 Kevin Sorenson Crowfoot
  5. 43,723 Gordon O'Connor Carleton – Mississippi Mills
  6. 43,669 Blake Richards Wildrose
  7. 43,477 Pierre Poilievre Neapean Carleton
  8. 42,998 Stephen Harper Calgary Southwest
  9. 41,782 Rona Ambrose Edmonton Spruce Grove
  10. 40,384 Diane Ablonczy Calgary Nose Hill
  11. 40,007 Ted Mezies Macleod

19,000 to 20,000 is roughly the average amount a winning MP polled in this election.   The top 11 did more than twice that.

Meanwhile we jump to the bottom end and here are the all the MPs that managed to achieve fewer than 10,000 votes.   Not surprisingly three are from the north and two are from PEI.   The one I find interesting is Winnipeg North.

  • 9,097 Kevin Lamoureux Winnipeg North - Liberal
  • 8,605 Wayne Easter Malpeque – Liberal
  • 7,292 Sean Casey Charlottetown - Liberal
  • 5,422 Ryan Leef Yukon-  Conservative
  • 4,456 Peter Penashue Labrador - Conservative
  • 4,111 Leona Aglukkaq Nunanvut - Conservatives
It should be noted that PEI had a very high voter turnout and therefore only two of the four ridings made the list.   

And the final thought, Jason Kenney got almost 12 times as many votes as Leona Aglukkaq

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