Friday, May 6, 2011

Small Election Factoid

The 2011 election is the first time neither the leader of the Official Opposition nor the Prime Minister were from Quebec.   The last time this happened was in 1965.

The closest we come now is Jack Layton who lived his first 20 years in Quebec before moving to Toronto in 1970.

I assume the Liberals are likely to chose a leader from Quebec.  Assuming there is no chance for Stephane Dion, you are left with Denis Coderre or Justin Trudeau.  I have heard Marc Garneau talk, I can not see him being leader.  I also see no chance that Irwin Cotler will go for it given he is about turn 71.   I do not think the Liberals will go for either Trudeau or Coderre.

It seems unlikely we will see a major party leader coming out of Quebec any time soon.   A very interesting situation given the catastrophic election result for the Bloc
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