Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Time for more polling in BC!

I would like to see some more polling in BC about provincial political intentions.   To that end, I asking Frank Graves of Ekos what it would take to bring them into this market.

I am thinking outside of the box and trying to figure out how to make this possibly work - any ideas on where the money could come from to make this possible, please let me know.   No idea too crazy for me to consider.


Anonymous said...

What about a kickstarter.com project? How much $$$ is involved?

David Bratzer said...

I'd like to see some polling in BC on the alleged link between Wi-Fi, cell phones and cancer. It would be interesting to see if the recent activism and media attention has moved public opinion.

Scientific Victoria will kick in $200 if some kind of Wi-Fi question can be added to the poll. (Although perhaps some people would then claim the poll was biased?)