Tuesday, September 6, 2011


This is a letter to the editor I saw in the Victoria News.  What stuns me is the suggestion of Bill Vander Zalm could be taken seriously by BC voters.   He still has no peer among BC premiers when it comes to running a bad government.   The man is entertaining, but he is not someone I would ever want to see back in politics for any reason ever.

Third choice needed in B.C. politics
Published: September 02, 2011 6:00 AM

With Former NDP leader Carole James’ announcement to run again in the riding of Victoria Beacon-Hill in the next election, I have to wonder if we will ever get new people with new ideas.

People don’t like the B.C. Liberals. Ditto for the New Democrats. Both parties have egg on their faces over the HST.

With so much unhappiness in the electorate, the time appears ripe for a third party to emerge, which could effectively capitalize on voter disgust with B.C.’s two-party system, a party that would put British Columbians first.

Third party advocates insist there is still time to find a candidate. Only one has the necessary oomph: Bill Vander Zalm, who almost certainly won’t run. He is the only person who would be taken seriously by the majority of voters.

William Perry

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