Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thank You Premier Clark

I am very happy to hear Christy Clark has ended all the rumours and stories floating around in BC that we might have an early provincial election.   She has stated clearly that we will hold the next provincial election in May 2013 as planned.

I like fixed election dates.   I like the certainty that comes with the date for all the parties and the public.

Personally I would make one change, I would change the date to the fall and I would hold it every three years.   A three term is a better one for the provincial legislature and it would also nicely mesh with the three year term for local elections.   We would develop a natural cycle of fall elections in the province.

With so many provinces now having fixed election dates in the fall, there is a clear political campaign season emerging in Canada.   This fall we are seeing five provincial elections.

I am also very happy not to see a provincial election happen this fall during the local government elections   In 2008 the federal election had a serious impact on the ability of people to campaign for local office.   The local elections were effectively completely off the radar of the media and public till the last week of October.    There was not enough time left for people to effectively run a campaign locally after the end of the Federal election.

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