Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A New Integirity BC Campaign - Who Owns BC?

I got this today via the email:

IntegrityBC launches “Who really runs BC?” campaign

(Victoria, Wednesday, 26 October 2011) – IntegrityBC has launched the first phase of its “Who really runs BC?” campaign with the unveiling of the transit shelter ad Pattison Outdoor doesn't want British Columbians to see.

In launching its campaign to reform BC's election finance laws, the non-partisan organization is calling for a ban on corporate and union funding of political parties, a cap on personal donations and a Citizen's Assembly to study and make binding recommendations on a host of additional reforms.

According to the organization, business and unions don't have the right to vote and they shouldn't have the right to underwrite the cost of BC election campaigns as they do now.

“The present law simply creates too many suspicions at a time when politicians don't need any more aspersions cast upon them. And as voters already know, there's no such thing as a free lunch,” said executive director Dermod Travis. “These proposed changes are good for business, good for unions and best of all good for BC.”

The organization has devoted a section of its website  to the issue which includes downloadable posters, a brochure, backgrounder and an extensive resource centre with additional reports, surveys, court judgements and videos.

For British Columbians who already support IntegrityBC's position an electronic petition is online, as is a downloadable petition for sharing at workplaces, community centres, churches and other locations.

The first phase of the organization's campaign is intended to encourage British Columbians to chat to friends, neighbours, colleagues and their MLA about the stakes associated with election finance reform.

“We're starting that outreach today and even though Pattison Outdoor censored our ad, they can't nix our message,” said Travis. “We hope that over the coming weeks even more British Columbians will support election finance reform as they learn more about the issue.”

Additional phases to the campaign will be rolled out across BC over the coming months.

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