Thursday, December 8, 2011

2,131 Days

This is how long Dief the Chief was prime minister. As of today Stephen Harper has also reached 2,131 days in office.

Tomorrow Stephen Harper will be the ninth longest serving prime minister of the 22 that have been in office in the 134 year history of Canada. He will also be the third longest serving conservative prime minister.

Should Stephen Harper serve out his term till the next election he will have been in office for close to 9 years and be the sixth longest serving prime minister, passing St Laurent, Borden and Mulroney in just under three years from now.

At this point the odds are very much in favour of the Conservatives winning the next federal election in 2015 which means it is quite realistic to see Stephen Harper as prime minister going into the 2019 federal election. He will have been prime minister for 13 years and 3.5 months at that point.