Wednesday, December 7, 2011

BC Minor Party Round Up

I am fascinated by fringe groups and "true believers" because I simply can not understand how the people involved can disconnect their brain from reality enough to believe what they are doing is relevant.

I normally get a host of ranting and crazy emails after I write something like this posting. Anyway, here it goes.

The latest Wilf Hanni political party is effectively dead in the water.   The BC Heritage Party seems to have been utterly dormant since November 23rd 2010.  In fact one of the only other people I could ever connect with the party has gone off and created her own party.

Maria Dobi joined the BC Heritage Party as president of the party on November 1st 2010.   Now she has created the Individual Rights Party of BC.   The party seems to be a right wing libertarian anti-government party.   It seems to be anti-immigrant, anti-human caused global warming and anti-Islam.   They are against gun control and believe force should be allowed to defend your property.    For a party that speaks of individual rights, she wants a province wide curfew for youth.

From the party website:
Your Basic Rights
Individual Rights begin with the right to life. All of us have this right and therefore the right to defend ourselves. The only effective means of self defence for individuals is a personal firearm.
Therefore your individual rights must include the right to carry a concealed weapon in public (similar to the law in Israel and most American states).
Your rights also include the right to own property. We believe you should have the right to defend your property with force.
And the third basic freedom is the right (after training) to own a military grade weapon (similar to the law in Switzerland). A country that trusts its citizens allows them to bear arms.
With rights come responsibility and accountability. We all are responsible for the safety and protection of others, and we all must be accountable for exercising our rights and responsibilities.
In an era in which nations are collapsing, mobs rampage in cities, and the economy is threatened by uncontrolled government borrowing, individuals and communities need arms as never before.
We have more policies we invite you to consider. We’re a real conservative party modeled on classical liberalism

In 2009 Maria Dobi was the BC Conservative candidate in Kamloops South Thompson.  She polled 1040 votes which is 4.72% of the votes.

Next new party is the New Wave Party.    Very much a party that believes MLAs should completely beholden to the local voters.  Actually it really looks like someone has some axe to grind.   I am not sure what.

The only name I connect with the party is Ranjit Ahluwalia, though the registered address of the party is D Litchfield and Co ltd, which is demolition company.

Next is the People's Senate Party.   The proposal of the party is to create a jury like body to listen to the argument for and against a bill.    I really do not understand how it would work in practice.   They also do not see to have thought out how make it given the legal structure of Canada.

The party is a creation of Michael Donovan of Richmond and he seems to be angry with how the current system of governance is working in BC.  They do have a discussion forum where some people have actually been talking.

The Helping Hand Party has been created by former federal Green candidate Alan Saldanha.   He was dumped because of his online post saying "If rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it!".  I have no idea what the party is about.

There are a couple of parties that have been around for a number of years that I still know nothing about:

  • BC Patriot Party
  • Avocational Party of BC

I can not find any information about either party to say what they are about.   And when I mean nothing, I mean zero, not a single thing on the internet about what they want to do as government.

Several parties are still on the books but are completely inactive:

  • BC Party
  • BC Social Credit Party
  • Democratic Reform BC
  • Nation Alliance Party
  • The Platinum Party
  • Progressive Nationalist Party of BC
  • BC Reform Party


Dave Killion said...

I don't see how any party that is anti-immigrant, anti-Islam, and pro-curfew can be correctly labeled anti-government or libertarian.

Bernard said...

They can not be called libertarian, though she seems to want to be a libertarian type as long as every does as she wants.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Bernard,

I've got a post relating to this one up at Mesopotamia West.

Frank Hilliard