Monday, January 16, 2012

He was more than doomed to fail....

Today the last major candidate that made any sense in the US Republican primary withdrew from the race.   Jon Huntsman is no longer running for president.

He is young enough that there is no reason why he could not be a serious candidate in 2016.   He is clearly a much better candidate than the lot that are left in the race, bar Fred Karger.

He did endorse Mitt Romney, and I guess Romney is the best choice going.   My concern about Mitt Romney is that he will do as McCain did and pander to the nutbars in the Republican party.   If he governs like he did when he was governor of Massachusetts he would be a decent president.   

Like everyone else that is paying attention, I know the Republican nomination is over, but it is still a fascinating race.   I have subscribed to all the email lists for he candidates and it is interesting to see
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