Tuesday, March 27, 2012

BC By-elections

The Liberals, Conservatives and NDP are all running candidates in the two by-elections.   The Greens decided long ago that they would not run candidates because the external costs of running in the by-elections from Elections Act regulations make it specifically expensive for the Greens.   So what about everyone else?

By-elections is the moment that any new small fringe party can learn what it takes to run in an election and can build some small base of support.  It is also a chance to get some media coverage.  Though it is important to put 100% of the party resources into the by-election.

BC has a host of registered political parties, will any of them run in the by-elections?   I sent an email to all the parties I could get any active and current email addresses for and asked them if they are running anyone.   I got a single response back:
Hi Bernard: 
We do not have anyone lined up to run but if anyone steps forward who is interested, we would be very interested, provided we could ensure that the candidate is qualified and is in agreement with our policies and platform. 
Thanks & blessings 
Wilf Hanni Party Leader
Christian Heritage Party of BC.
So maybe there is more life in the CHP-BC than I had thought.

I did hear a second comment via twitter that BC First was not running anyone and saving their resources for the "big show" next year.   I can not find anything that confirms or denies this.

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