Thursday, March 29, 2012

The two by-elections and all the other parties

(Update on Friday March 30th at 7:10 pm - I have still not heard back from any other parties in the last 33 hours)

In BC it is very easy to create a political party and this means we have a plethora of them around.   At this moment there are 27 parties registered in BC.   I knew the intentions of four them, three were running candidates and the Greens were passing, but about the rest?  I have sent emails to all of them to ask them what their intention was in the two by-elections.  I have received responses from :

Christian Heritage Party of BC responded quickly and said they are not running anyone.   Here are more responses.

Communist Party of BC - no functioning website

Hi Bernard;

No, we don't have the resources at this time to run.  Do you live in one of the ridings?
There are certainly enough issues.  If you need any other info just ask.

Peace & Solidarity

Sam Hammond

From Doug Christie of the Western Canada Concept

Not at present. Would you like us to do so?

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From Jodie Emery of the Marijuana Party

We don't have the budget or means to do so, unfortunately. We always support any candidates who oppose prohibition.

Jodie Emery

From John Icne of the Sex Party

Hi Bernard:
Are you interested in running?

Paul Geddes of the Libertarian Party

Yes!  We’re running Jeff Monds in Port Moody and Lewis Dahlby in Chilliwack.  Are you interested in helping?

Paul Geddes

I have now heard from six more parties with an answer on what they are intending on doing in the by-election.   This leaves 17 more parties to hear from about their intentions.   I think I will hear from one more today.

I heard second hand that BC First is not going to run anyone because they are preparing for the provincial election in 2013.

I am certain I should not be flattered to be asked if I want to be a candidate by one of the parties.  I am not sure if Doug Christie is asking to run or asking my advice on running.

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