Wednesday, May 9, 2012

BC Green Party AGM

The party is alive, though how well it is doing is hard to know.  I am tempted, sort of, to go to the AGM to see.   I like Jane Sterk and I would love to see her elected to the Legislature because I think she would make a good MLA.   My biggest problem with the Greens is the ongoing high number of flaky people involved with the party.

The BC Greens are holding their 2012 AGM on May 26th at the Edelweiss Club in Victoria on May 26th.  Paul Summerville will be talking in the afternoon and Raul Pacheco-Vega at dinner.  I am impressed they got Paul Summerville.

One policy proposal up for deabte is for the Greens to cooperate with the NDP.   I do not see the NDP returning any calls from the Greens and given the recent support of the BC NDP for more refineries in BC, I am not sure many Greens will be keen to support them.

The Greens will be running a campaign school on May 27th.  The campaign school will be run by Phil Spidle and Jane Sterk.

I am concerned that the Greens used SCE Robbins Research for a poll.   I know of no one in BC politics that takes the work of Glenn Robbins seriously.   In this case I have no idea how big the poll was or how the sample was chosen.   Also the questions asked strikes me it would lead to higher support for the Greens, which at 16.5% in the poll is very high for the party.   Today Glenn Robbins released another poll with the Greens now at 10%, though this poll was not a random sample of people.

The odds of me voting for the BC Greens in the next election is highly unlikely.   All depends on the local candidate and who else is running in Victoria Swan Lake.

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