Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The longevity of Stephen Harper as Prime Minister

Today, on the anniversary of the majority win last year by the Conservatives, I thought I would point out some aspects of Stephen Harper's longevity as PM.

The next election is in three years, by that time Stephen Harper will have been PM for 9 years and 85 days, the second longest term for a Conservative PM in Canadian history and sixth longest term overall.

He served the longest term for a minority government in Canadian history at 5 years and 86 days, this is 87 days longer than Mike Pearson (I have no idea why people continue calling him Lester B given that is not the name he used other than on official documents)

Stephen Harper is one of seven men to win three or more elections.  Yes men, remember no woman has won federal election in Canada.

He will have been PM longer than the 8 PMs with the shortest terms combined.

He will have been PM more than four times as long as Paul Martin

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