Thursday, August 16, 2012

Smart Meter Craziness

So it seems some people are taking into their own hands to replace the smart meters on their homes with only style analog meters that are being sold online.  Where do I begin with how wrong this is?

First off the meter on the house is property of BC Hydro and not the homeowner so this is tampering with the property of a Crown Corporation.

Second, there is no way for BC Hydro to know if this meter reads accurately.  I highly doubt these analog meters have been properly tested by any Canadian agency.

Third, these old style meters are not compatible with BC Hydro system and will not be able to connect into it once the whole system has been upgraded.

Fourth, the home owner agreed to allow BC Hydro to collect the data on power usage when then agreed to getting service.   No where in their contract with BC Hydro are they allowed to do anything to the meter reading system.

Fifth, analog meters are of most interest to those stealing power, this is a major problem in BC and the change to smart meters will make it very hard to do in future.  I can see grow op houses buying these to put them in to try and avoid detection for a little bit longer.

Sixth, I doubt you can find a qualified electrician to do the work which means most of these conversions would be done by people not qualified to do the work.

I find it crazy people may be willing to take this sort of risk but are then concerned an imaginary risk about the smart meters.   It is as the people opposed to smart meters can not act rationally any longer when it comes to the power system.
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