Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Policing in BC

The Oppal report highlighted the fact that Pickton flourished longer in Metro Vancouver because there were too many police forces and really there needs to be a single regional police force.  He does not go far enough.   Policing is inherently a provincial issue and not a local government issue, we need to have all policing in BC taken over by the province and have a single provincial police force.

The idea to have a single Metro Vancouver police force is already dead because the various local governments think they will lose control of the police and have to pay a lot more for policing.   Oppal's suggestion really is only a partial change towards what is really needed, policing has to be taken over by the province.

I have suggested this as an idea before, the Oppal report simply makes the case stronger that it makes no sense have multiple police forces under the control of a level of government that has no jurisdiction over law enforcement.  We need to have a single BC police force and not a plethora of them.  We need to have policing under the direct control of the provincial government.  The current model makes no sense on any level and only ensures we spend more for policing than we need to and get less law enforcement than we could.

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