Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Poll out from Justason - NDP lead is still very big

Barb Justason of Justason Market Intelligence released a new BC political poll today and it is not good for the Liberals.

Party   support change from Oct
BC NDP      48%     0
BC Liberals 26%    -2
BC Cons     12%    +3 
Greens      11%    -2
Others       3%    +2 

Sample of 600 that is a hybrid telephone/online poll.  They were in the field from January 25th to February 1st.   I do not know how many undecided there were.

This poll confirms that the NDP maintains a large and comfortable lead.    It also says to me that as long as the BC Conservatives run a full slate the party is going to get in or around 10% of the vote.  

The regional breakdowns I take with a grain of salt because I have no idea how large they were or how much they had weight them.  

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