Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Poll out from Justason - NDP lead is still very big

Barb Justason of Justason Market Intelligence released a new BC political poll today and it is not good for the Liberals.

Party   support change from Oct
BC NDP      48%     0
BC Liberals 26%    -2
BC Cons     12%    +3 
Greens      11%    -2
Others       3%    +2 

Sample of 600 that is a hybrid telephone/online poll.  They were in the field from January 25th to February 1st.   I do not know how many undecided there were.

This poll confirms that the NDP maintains a large and comfortable lead.    It also says to me that as long as the BC Conservatives run a full slate the party is going to get in or around 10% of the vote.  

The regional breakdowns I take with a grain of salt because I have no idea how large they were or how much they had weight them.  


Anonymous said...

Typically, Metro Vancouver represents 1/2 of a poll sample size. But Metro Vancouver's figures at:

NDP 55%
Liberal 20%

Sounds sort of out of whack, which impacts the overall provincial figures. My 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

Let me show you my ignorance: Who is Justason and what is there record?

Bernard said...

Barb Justason was formerly with Mustel and has set up on her own.

Her focus has been more on polling in the Vancouver Civic scene than provincially, but this is her third provincial poll. She does not have a long track record on her own