Tuesday, March 19, 2013

BC Excalibur Party - the Newest Political Party in BC

Very recently Michael and Alexandra Halliday of Abbotsford registered the BC Excalibur Party.   I am not sure if this is a joke party or something serious.  

Michael Halliday - Party Leader
Excalibur is specifically meant to refer to the Knights of the Round Table and all that Arthurian stuff.   It is because of this that I wonder of if the party is a practical joke like the Rhino Party federally or the Monster Raving Looning Party in the UK.

The idea of using the Arthurian mythology for a political party does not say serious to me.  Democracy and feudal systems are not compatible in my mind, it sort of messes with the everyone is equal thing.   It does work if you are planning on poking fun of the system.

I personally would like to see a good joke party in this province because it would add interest and levity to the election process.   A good joke party would also point out hypocrisy in politics.  I saw the name of the party, I saw the start of the website and I thought this might be it, but apparently not.

Here are the statements from the slides on the party front page:
The sword, Excalibur, united the People, The Land and The Government as One.   Over one Thousand years later the legends of Excalibur and the Knights of the Round Table still inspire. 
Legend has it, that Excalibur would return, when it was needed most.  As in the legend of the times of Excalibur and King Arthur, we believe, that society is breaking down.  And, like in Excalibur's time, we need to start over with a new party made up of everyday people from every walk of life, who listen to the people and implement just policies. 
We believe, that we must create a society, where people can count on Truth, Honour, Integrity and Justice and feel defended and protected by those, who govern this Province, so they can live their lives in peace and prosperity.
There are not enough clues there to tell me that it is intended to be satire, they could be serious.

I go them to the page of Party Ideals - aka platform - and they sound serious.   There is a mix of policy positions and some very specific promises such as hiring 10 more judges.   The best way I would describe the policies are a mix populist ideas and flavours of the political month.

The very short blog postings sound like someone who is cranky about the whole system.   One is about chlorinated water in Chilliwack, another is rubbishing economists, and an odd posting calling society a modern feudal system.

So why did he start the party?

My reason for starting the BC Excalibur Party was all the people I talked to who told me, that they were not voting in the upcoming May Provincial Elections, because they were fed up with the parties or the politicians or both. Then there were those, who just didn't know, if they were going to vote or couldn't decide. This made up 85% of the people I spoke with. This Blog, as the BC Excalibur Party itself, is dedicated to those BC Residents, who can still hope for better things to come and who want to be part of making this positive change happen for BC.

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Brian said...

I'd quote from that scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail about moistened bints lobbing scimitars, but we've heard it all before.