Thursday, March 14, 2013

It has been two years now that Christy Clark has been premier

As of today Christy Clark has been premier for two years.   She is only the sixth woman in Canadian history to have been premier for two years but with the election in eight weeks and Liberals much more likely to lose all their seats than win government again, her term as premier is not going to last much longer.

One impact of how she has governed is that her political career is more or less over.   If she had lead the government into the election and lost but still retained 30 or so seats she would likely be the leader for the Liberals in 2017 and have a second shot at winning an election.  

With two years in office I would have thought that she would have been bolder in making a new vision for the party, but instead we have had two years of vague stumbling around with no strong direction of where the government was headed.  She had a lot more time to reverse the decline of support for the government than Ujjal Dosanjh had in 2001 or Rita Johnston had in 1991.  Both Dosanjh and Johnston tried to run out the clock in hopes of something happening to improve the fortunes of the government.  

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