Saturday, April 27, 2013

Help Me Find Johanna Zalcik from Vernon

Johanna Zalcik is the candidate for the Advocational Democractic Party in the riding of Shuswap.

Tim Lavery of the blog Aim Higher Salmon Arm inspired to make a push on this issue again because he was wondering who this woman was and what her party was about.

Her party has existed for about seven years and never run any candidates before but has millions of dollars in assets.   I have written about them several times in the past

BC Patriot Party and the Advocational Party, are they tax havens?
Top 25 Political Donations in BC from 2005-2011
A $1,838,100 BC political donation in 2006
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Biggest single political donation in BC in 2011 was for $596,552.66
BC Patriot Party and the Advocational International Democratic Party of British Columbia

Millions of dollars are in these parties but they do nothing to try and win seats in the legislature.   There is no website, no platform, no signs, nothing to show they want to win seats, but they run two candidates in this election so that they can stay registered.  Political parties are subsidized by the taxpayer, we have a right to know more about.

The Advocational Party candidate in Nechako Lakes is Beverly Bird and can be found at

291 Desert Cove Road
Vernon BC
V1H 1Z1

But where is Johanna Zalcik?   Lets find her, I want to see some pictures of her, I want to hear from her why her party has millions of dollars but otherwise does nothing.

Help me find Johanna!
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