Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Riding level polling in Kamloops and Prince George

The Kamloops Daily News and the Prince George Citizen used Oraclepoll Research to poll in the two ridings in each of the communities. All four had samples of 300 which is small and means the statistical margin of error is +- 5.6%

Quick update after dinner and the meeting the Venturers - the dates for the polls were April 12-14 for the Kamloops ones, April 15-18 for Prince George Mackenzie and April 17th to 20th for Prince George Valemount.

Prince George Valemount
Shirley Bond Liberal 46%
Sherry Ogasawara NDP 41%
Nathan Giede Conservative 10%
Green 3% (the poll did not have the name of Green candidate Leah Redmond yet)

Prince George Mackenzie
Mike Morris Liberal 44%
Bobby Deepak NDP 37%
Terry Rysz Conservative 14%
Karen McDowell 5%

Kamloops North Thompson
Kathy Kendall NDP 49%
Terry Lake Liberal 43%
Ed Fehr Conservative 8% (Ed Fehr has since stepped down for health reasons and was replaced by Ed Klop)

Kamloops South Thompson
Todd Stone Liberal 48%
Tom Friedman NDP 34%
Peter Sharp Conservative 18%

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