Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Time in office of the 14 current first ministers in Canada

Stephen Harper is currently the longest serving first minister in Canada

Stephen Harper     Federal       February 6th 2006  3,006 days
Robert Ghiz        PEI           June 12th 2007     2,515 days
Brad Wall          Saskatchewan  November 21st 2007 2,353 days
Greg Selinger      Manitoba      October 19th 2009  1,655 days
David Alward       New Brunswick October 12th 2010  1,297 days
Christy Clark      BC            March 14th 2011    1,144 days
Darrell Pasloski   Yukon         June 11th 2011     1,055 days
Bob McLeod         NWT           October 26th 2011    918 days
Kathleen Wynne*    Ontario       February 11th 2013   444 days
Stephen McNeill    Nova Scotia   October 22nd 2013    191 days
Peter Taptuna      Nunavut       November 15th 2013   167 days
Tom Marshall**     Newfoundland  January 24th 2014     97 days
Dave Hancock**     Alberta       March 23rd 2014       39 days
Philippe Couillard Quebec        April 23rd 2014        8 days
* has not yet won an election
** interim leaders of their parties

Interestingly five of the first ministers on the list have been in office for less than a year.  Only four of the 13 have been in office more than four years.    I wonder if we are close to a low in the average length of tenure at only 1,063.5 days?

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