Thursday, May 22, 2014

Measuring the relative political tenures of women as First Ministers in Canada

I have looked at this a number of times over the last three years

In October of 2013 there were six women premiers in Canada governing 87.8% of the population.   Now almost nine months later we are down to only two though BC and Ontario represent 51.5% of the population.

Here is how they all stack up by time in office - bold means currently in office
  1. Eva Aariak         Nunavut 1828 days
  2. Nellie Cournoyea   NWT     1469 days
  3. Catherine Callbeck PEI     1353 days
  4. Christy Clark      BC      1166 days
  5. Kathy Dunderdale   NF      1149 days
  6. Alison Redford     Alberta  899 days
  7. Pat Duncan         Yukon    884 days
  8. Pauline Marois     Quebec   582 days
  9. Kathleen Wynne     Ontario  466 days
  10. Rita Johnson       BC       217 days
  11. Kim Campbell       Federal  132 days
Just measuring them by the number of days they have been in power does not really reflect the reality of the differences between jurisdictions.   To try and deal with this I have looked at the time in office multiplied by the population being governed.    By this measure Kathleen Wynne goes from ninth on the list to first. 
  1. Kathleen Wynne     Ont 5,989,000,000 Lib
  2. Christy Clark      BC  5,130,000,000 Lib
  3. Pauline Marois     Que 4,600,000,000 PQ
  4. Kim Campbell       Fed 3,786,000,000 PC
  5. Alison Redford     Ab  3,277,000,000 PC
  6. Rita Johnson       BC    715,500,000 Socred
  7. Kathy Dunderdale   Nf    591,200,000 PC
  8. Catherine Callbeck PEI   149,000,000 Lib
  9. Nellie Cournoyea   NWT    92,000,000 na
  10. Eva Aariak         Nu     58,300,000 na
  11. Pat Duncan         Yk     24,800,000 Lib
bold won an election, underlined currently in power

Three years ago the total person days women had governed in Canada was 5,310,350,000 days, as of today it is 24,412,300,000 days - this means 78.2% of the time Canadians have been governed by a woman has been in the last three years.   

I find it interesting that the two women at the top of this list are still in power

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