Monday, June 2, 2014

Fewer polls in the 2014 Ontario election than in the 2011 election

In 2011 the Ontario election ran from September 7th to October 6th.  In that time there were 26 polls released by eight companies in 27 days.  

In 2014 the election was called on May 2nd for June 12th.  In the first 31 days there have been 15 poll released by six companies

Company    2011 2014
Angus Reid  4    0
Abacus Data 3    2
EKOS        5    2 (EKOS released a poll the day before the writ this year)
Forum       2    4
Nanos       7    0
Ipsos       2    4
Leger       2    0 
Environics  1    0
Oraclepoll  0    2
Innovative  0    1

Four companies that represented 14 of the polls released in 2011 have released no polls in 2014.   The two new comers have only added three polls.

Did we see fewer in the first month of the campaign this year because the campaign is two weeks longer?   Will we see a flurry of new polls in the next ten days?   Or are companies shying away because of serious misses in the last couple of years?

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