Monday, April 6, 2015

 Somehow my email address is in a GOP database somewhere  - it means I get this constant barrage of Republican letters begging for money of which many of I find humourous.

The latest one is for Michele Bachmann, a person that as a politician is already a joke but this sappy sounding one as if it is coming from her family sounds like a bad parody of what a cynical Republican would do in the States.

What it is really for is a group called MICHELEPAC (Many Individual Conservatives Helping Elect Leaders Everywhere Political Action Group).   I can not figure out what this money is being raised.


Dear Bernard,

Last year for Mom's birthday we sent you an email asking you to sign a birthday card for our mom, Michele Bachmann. And Bernard, she loved it so much that we are emailing you again this year to ask for your help again!

Please click here to sign the birthday card for our amazing and courageous mom!

Hearing from you will certainly brighten our mom's birthday, and make it a memorable day for her which she will always remember.

Now is the opportunity to thank our mom for her never ending commitment to working tirelessly for our country and all of us, and wish her a very happy birthday. 

After you sign the card, we hope you will please consider making a donation to MichelePAC, her PAC that supports the election of like-minded constitutional conservative candidates across the country.

We know she would be most grateful if you could make a donation to her PAC on her birthday, to partner with her, in her efforts to save and protect our blessed country.

On behalf of the entire Bachmann family, thank you for always being a friend and staunch supporter of our mother's. Your friendship and support means the world to her and our family!

Caroline, Elisa, Harrison, Sophia, Christine & Lucas Bachmann

P.S. Our mom's birthday is today so please help us start getting her present ready! We hope you will take 3 minutes and follow this link to send our mom, Michele Bachmann, your best wishes for her birthday.

MichelePAC is the Political Action Committee founded by Congresswoman Michele Bachmann in 2010. MichelePAC stands for: Many Individual Conservatives Helping Elect Leaders Everywhere and works to elect constitutional conservative candidates throughout the country. Michele's dedication to uniting constitutional conservatives motivates her to find, support and election like-minded candidates across America.

In 2010, your support for MichelePAC swept Nancy Pelosi out of leadership and ushered in a new group of leaders dedicated to defending constitutional principles. In 2012, MichelePAC candidates received unprecedented support from conservatives who stood together to defend American principles from the Obama agenda. In 2014, MichelePAC assisted in giving the Senate Majority to Republicans as well as helping reclaim the Leadership seats for Mitch McConnell and John Boehner. Now, MichelePAC is a national organization dedicated to keeping the Senate red and maintaining majorities in the House.

Contributions to Many Individual Conservatives Helping Elect Leaders Everywhere
are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes
Paid for by Many Individual Conservatives Helping Elect Leaders Everywhere. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

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