Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Top 10 reasons the NDP wants to keep Mulcair

10) Official opposition is too much work, Mulcair made sure NDP MPs have a lighter work load
9) The NDP wants the hipster vote and Mulcair has a beard
8) If Mulcair is not NDP leader, who in the House of Commons will fight against the Liberal deficits?
7) The dead cat bounce, when they lose 1/2 their seats in 2019 they will hope for this again in 2023
6) Many of Canada's PMs have been white men from Quebec, Mulcair is the only viable one the NDP has
5) In 2015 the NDP did not lose, it was the public that made a mistake in how they voted, when they understand their error they will vote Mulcair in 2019 (there are people within the NDP seriously arguing this!)
4) If you do something and it goes horribly wrong, try it over and over again until it works
3) Mulcair signed a 10 year contract with no waivers and a no trade contract till 2022
2) There is no one in the NDP younger than 60 with skills or experience to lead the party.   An old white man is also the core to the NDP brand.
1) Having a popular and charismatic leader is unprincipled and the NDP will stick with Mulcair to prove that

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